two, if by sea.

Already planning my next trip to Maine, three days just doesn't even begin to cut it. Feeling extra blessed to travel with a good friend, and discover the kind of travel chemistry that solidifies a friendship into the real deal. We referred to Bon App when we (aggressively) put our list of spots together and managed to eat and drink our way through it, travel chemistry. When we got into town I told Lia I had to go sailing and feel nostalgic, and on our third stop at Scales we ran into a lovely couple who recommended Portland Schooner Co. We made it our mission to find the best lobster roll, but there were plenty of oysters and biscuits, and lambrusco and butter. So much butter. Love you, Maine. 

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Must eat: Lobster roll / Crudo and oysters with kimchi ice at Eventide  |  Loaded biscuit and coffee with house made almond milk at Tandem Coffee Roasters  |  Lobster roll and strawberry shortcake at Scales  |  Spicy raw beef salad, bluefin tuna crudo and a glass of Emilia-Romagna lambrusco at Central Provisions  |  Fried chicken biscuit at Dutch's