MIAMI pt.2

I always return from Miami with a master plan. The following days I'll close my eyes and teleport back to the beach, I can hear the ocean and I sometimes cry. Whatever, it's true. I definitely cry on the flight, at first feeling terrible for the passenger next to me... but then realizing we're flying Spirit and we all took a gamble, sorry bro. But shoots are booked and work must be done, and the feeling will either fade or gravitate towards this get-me-the-fuck-outta-here downward spiral. I'll be there for almost 2 weeks over the holidays and so I've obviously already begun mentally preparing. But who knows, it could actually make things very clear. miami1-6 miami1-3miami1-4 miami1-5miami1-7 miami1-1miami1-8 miami1-15miami1-13 miami1-10miami1-9 miami1-12

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