la bella vita

I can't believe I almost missed out on this Italian dream. If you get invited to a destination wedding and think there's no way you can swing it, think twice and do whatever you can. These memories are priceless, this wedding was perfect, Italy is forever remarkable and a total inspiration.
My sister came with me to Rome, we spent the day exploring and flew to Brindisi the following day. Yes, a whirlwind. We arrived at the stunning Masseria where the rest of the wedding party checked in and slowly started to understand where the weekend was headed... hah! There's actually no way you'd ever know what was coming. Each night we all looked around us in awe thinking this Italian dream can't be real. Gorgeous men scooping gelato, pizza blazing out of the wood oven, hand-twirled burrata right out of the bucket, proscuitto off the bone, beautiful vibrant dancers spinning through us, accordion players by the dinner table, and champagne glasses that were never, ever empty. Congratulations Chelsea and Jon! That's how you celebrate.

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