Cheeky x Fresca

I bartered with a chef. One of my favorite agreements in a while. The cheeky babe offered me a private dinner for 4 in return for some photos of her dinner soiree last Saturday, and say no more it was a done deal.
 The dinner was held at the stunning art gallery The Invisible Dog in Cobble Hill. Perfect yet came without a kitchen, but like a pro Linda managed to rent all the equipment, oven included, to create the dream dinner party setup. The 50 person table stretched the length of the space and was simply set with hand-crafted menus, classically romantic dishware, Aesop cosmetic goodie bags, and Linda's edamame hummus with crispy flatbread. The spirits were high and the food was outrageous. She crushed it, and I'm so happy I was a part of this night. And just to finish painting the picture of badass chef Linda, she's off to Sicily and Puglia for three weeks on a food-and-wine-centric bike ride, you can follow her via her blog.

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