power outage

I've clearly left town in every sense of the term. I have been taking photos though, with the intention of placing them here, I just don't have a computer right now. I've spent the last 3 weeks in Hawaii and the 3 before in Colorado. I'm wrapping up what's most commonly called a sabbatical, or maybe therapy, or just a lesson on following the heart. Anyone who knows the few weeks leading to this time away sent me off with a firm push, a 'get better soon' send-off. I'm heading back to crazy town shortly and I'm more prepared than I thought I'd be. I shouldn't enable it but I figured I'd be some kinda wreck bursting at the seems with anxiety about the whole job thing. But my intention this year is to worry less.
I went to lunch today with my awesome Hawaiian friend Shannon and she ordered her meal and told me that this year she resolutes to eat more veggies. I like that. 

Happy New Year!