the getaway

At a crossroads and weighing between bad decisions. Aching to getaway from it all or as much as possible, it's a temporary fix but a helpful one nonetheless. And it's the mother's hug which holds the strongest healing power. Seeing her means visiting one of my favorite cities and enjoying the freshest, most incredible food and wine. I think about making this a permanent reality, but is it only so special because it's so rare? I'd hate to ruin that magic.
We shop the market for fresh seafood, cook at home and drink wine as the sun drops behind the Olympic mountains, hike and wander through the park, cross off places on my to-go list, slurp oysters and champagne, laugh, fold laundry, and do lots of yoga. Be right back, gonna go pack my bags.

The London Plane
I don't know what else to say- this place is sheer perfection. 
Every city needs a London Plane. Brought to the Pioneer Square neighborhood by the people with some of the best spots in Seattle. Check out the Little London Plane too, where they serve bar snacks and wine but mostly host private dinners and gatherings. Incredible.

Bar Sajor
This open kitchen, don't even get me started. Rustic and elegant, welcoming and clean. I love this space more than words can express. If only I got to eat the food.