maca, mint, and mango

Raw food is fun food, it's colorful food, delicious food, and crazy nutritious food. For the past 6 days I have been eating straight living and organic foods. No coffee or alcohol (the french press pictured below was not enjoyed by me).
It's during the summer when I feel a need to cleanse. It's hot and we're all cooling down with icy beers and sparkling drinks, preferably a nice IPA or a glass of Rose. Only a matter of time before I start to feel it build up and need to give my body a break. I've tried some other cleanses- the lemon, cayenne, maple syrup bullshit, and the green juice cleanses, but a week of all raw works for me. I feel satisfied with providing my body with tons of nutrients: smoothies, fruits, veggies, juices, coconut water, herbs, superfoods, etc. And I take it as a huge opportunity for me to get creative!


Through my experience and studies I've learned that detoxing isn't a packaged deal that comes in 6 bottles from your local juice bar. Cleaning out your body means consciously eliminating toxins in your diet, every day. I'm not advocating veganism or 100% raw living, but I'm encouraging awareness with what goes in your body and how harmful things like GMO's and non-organics can be. The argument about produce being too expensive can't make sense when you ask: what's more valuable than your own health?
I'm no saint. I love fries. But I try my hardest to find balance in my diet and lifestyle, and I only hope the same for those I love.
To health and happiness.


In this bowl: mango, maca, coconut water, coconut meat 
topped with fresh figs and One Lucky Duck raw honey bunches

I absolutely LOVE watermelon feta salad during the summer, so I figured I'd recreate it this week to fit in with the detox. I'm so thrilled with the result, this dressing is creamy and nutty, so satisfying. I think a little spice would be an awesome component here, toast up some pepitas with cayenne and paprika to toss on top if you'd like.

Watermelon Mint Salad with Avocado Tahini Dressing
recipe by Katiefresca

1 head romaine
2 cups watermelon cubed
1 bunch mint
1/2 avocado
1 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lime
pinch sea salt

Chop romaine and place in a bowl. Cube watermelon and chiffonade the mint, set aside. 
Blend 1/4 avocado, tahini, lime juice, sea salt and add water as needed to create a creamy dressing. 
Combine the dressing with romaine and toss well. Add remaining ingredients and toss. Top with the other 1/4 avocado and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 


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