Long Island Wine Country is the East Coast Sonoma. I've never been to Sonoma so there is no credibility in that statement but I'm sticking to it. I drove up there with two girlfriends last Sunday, only an hour and a half from this craziness, without any plans or expectations at all. Following the signs and cars we reached Wine Country and for miles drove by dozens of vineyards. We stopped to eat juicy East Coast peaches and fresh roasted corn and sip on flights of wine. Needless to say the smiles on our faces were ginormous, and I can tell you that my heart was smiling even bigger. 
It's an unbelievable relief to see the city in your rearview mirror, just as much as returning and catching the lit up skyline on your way in. I'm learning that getting away from time to time is the key to enjoying New York to the fullest. 
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The best lobster roll I've ever had, at Love Lane Kitchen 
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Macari Vineyards was absolutely stunning, and this Rosé was perfection
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