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For the first time in 5 years I left Miami with pain in my heart. Usually, I get my fix in a couple of days and can't wait for my return to a location toned down in ridiculousness. Not this time. Maybe it's the sweet new restaurants that keep sprouting up all over the city or the 78 degree sun and salt water on my skin. There's no doubt it's the family and friends that make me miss home. Living in New York is not only exhaustively cold by March but to the same degree, lonely as shit. No matter what you do or who you hang with, this place will test your ability to think for yourself, and to yourself. As the indecisive cluster of thoughts I can become I know it's important for me to be here and learn these lessons. Now I have to figure out a way to come back from vacation without the wildly irrational urge to post my apartment on craigslist.

Restaurants: Mandolin Aegan Bistro, Michaels Genuine for brunch, Harry's pizza (as pictured above) pesto pizza is a must, Khong River House, Egg & Dart, Enriqueta's, The Federal, Pride & Joy
For a drink: Broken Shaker, Sugarcane, Cypress Room, Oak Tavern