seattle grubbin'

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When in Seattle, always stop into Beechers. This Mac n cheese is bomb but get the flagship grilled cheese and thank me later.

Jim's 6 hour smoked turkey we devoured for Christmas dinner. He came to the table with a platter of surprise baby back ribs that were on the rack below the turkey the whole time. Holy smokes what a meal. A total flavor bonus: smoked turkey gravy.
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Pikes Market / Uwajimaya
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Totally yummy barbeque in Ballard, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle, where the main street is lined with top-notch restaurants and adorable boutiques. The food here was more enjoyable than the interior, and clearly that says a lot. Their homemade barbecue sauces were to die for, the pulled pork unreal, those remarkable croutons, oh my goodness. 

I've been to Ballard once before but hadn't explored as much. After this trip I think I can envision a life in Seattle a little bit clearer.
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{home of the molten chocolate cake}
and other ridiculously decadent treats
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This was the first time I had ever enjoyed an Almond Rochet. This softball-sized confectionery ain't your average meringue, the crispy on the outside and absolute fluff in the middle remain true, yet totally amplified. Then there's the slivered almonds. I mean, this thing was unreal.

And me, just doin' what I do best
Homemade wild smoked salmon eggs benny


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