I give polenta way too much attention, and in turn neglect poor little couscous. It's mostly because I'm on that anti-gluten bandwagon but I don't have celiac, so let's be real. Couscous is affordable and versatile and I think I'll make more room for it in my kitchen. My Aunt Suz, the go-to culinary know-it-all, insists on the brown rice couscous which happens to be gluten-free, and just like that I'm worry free. Working with what I had on hand, I roasted this little acorn squash and stuffed it with a little sautéed pepper couscous, garam masala, some fresh parsley and pecorino romano. A poached egg on top and its breakfast. Thats sriracha and olive oil on top.
This was a sublime creation. The other half of the squash was saved for dinner the next day, with a drizzle of balsamic, yum! 

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