The Summer Drink

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Perfecting the Bourbon Sour.
The trick really is using the right cherries, bright red maraschinos wont cut it, they'll cost you but just get the real thing. Good bourbon doesn't hurt either. Fresh squeezed lemons and some straight up cane sugar.
I can thank Aimee, my mentor and only other mother -figure, for opening my eyes to many things but the bourbon sour has definitely made quite the impression on me. 

Aimee's Bourbon Sour
2 cocktails


4 ounces bourbon whiskey
3 ounce lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
2 teaspoon superfine sugar
Dash of Luxardo cherry syrup
2 -4 Luxardo cherries

Combine the lemon juice and sugar in an empty shaker, mix to dissolve the sugar, half-fill the shaker with ice, add the bourbon and shake well.
Pour into a glass with chunks of ice and drizzle in some cherry syrup and top with a cherry or two. Eat the drunken cherries at the end of your drink.

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