Pinch me. No wait, I'd rather not wake up from this dream. These past couple of days have felt fictitious to the tenth degree. Last night I read over my journal entry from Feb 20th where I declared that I didn't know how I was going to do it but I was certainly moving to Brooklyn in 6 months. Everyday during that painstaking interim I questioned my direction and every backup plan worth consideration. I feel guided and one step closer, however this happened I am so grateful. 
This August I'll be moving to Brooklyn and taking on the role as Catering Associate at Radish, boutique catering company in Williamsburg.
Haha, life is nuts.  
So a celebration was obviously in order! The girls and I had a little picnic at North Boulder park. Can't go wrong with charcuterie and champagne. 
I'm going to miss my Boulder buddies.