IMG_1712SUPERCORE most definitely deserves a post on it's own. This past February, Victoria and I stumbled in here after discovering our dinner destination was closed for the night. Having been looking forward to a stuffed arepa, I was totally bummed... for about 10 minutes. We sat down and immediately fell in love with the simple setup, the dimmed lights and our super rad waitress. Sipping on sake and swooning over the effortlessly perfect ambiance, our food arrived and everything got way better. The Beni-Tori, simmered chicken in a dark soy sauce, ginger onion and sugar with a soft boiled egg, is an explosive flavor bomb and an absolute must order. The Beef stew is slow cooked for 4 days... enough said. The only problem with this meal was the fact that I could not get a decent picture. I obviously anticipated my return and this time came fully equipped with an empty tummy, my camera, and made it in time for good lighting. Another perfect Japanese comfort meal at SUPERCORE.