Welcome to Williamsburg

Sesame wasabi soba noodles salad- I could eat almost everyday, the
perfect amount of wasabi flavor. Fresh, yum. Cucumber salad-
Victoria claims this one replicates this favorite of hers 
that she ate throughout 2 month adventure in China. 
Chicken & Pork/chive dumplings- Loved both but the pork
gets the gold metal. 
Oh and nothing was over $6
My first meal in Brooklyn and I'm sold. If you couldn't tell by now, that's usually how it works for this hungry humbug. I'm thrilled to travel, I sure as hell can't stand still for more than a month, mainly because I can't stop thinking about the food I have yet to try. Five days in Williamsburg and I must say, with the Victoria's aid, many great meals were eaten. Next time I visit it will be for good.  IMG_9893
IMG_9998 IMG_9912
We're so silly, we walk around with THE goofiest smiles on our faces solely because we're together. Victoria had to pick up her guitar and I got to see the studio she's been recording in. I snapped a shot, this place was too good to be true. I took it thinking if Victoria wakes up from this dream I'll show her this picture to prove I was in it.