Fur and Pumpkin Bread

I have so much love for Vail! The family I nanny for owns a condo right in the heart of downtown and it qualifies as one of the many perks of the job. Unfortunately, I slacked on the food photos. A little break from the grub means check out my outfit. The temperatures were in the 20's and it flurried most of the time, which was a nice break from not-so-February and extremely sunny Boulder. Little getaways like this bring to mind that I live in an absolutely breathtaking place, I'm steadily surrounded by vast beauty and couldn't be more grateful for it. Colorado's allurement is never ending. If you've never been here, I advise you to make that shit happen.IMG_9849 IMG_7277IMG_9622 IMG_9845  IMG_9837 
 At Yetis Grind, Devon and I sipped on Almond milk Bhakti Chai and Gluten-free Pumpkin Bread while preparing for the rest of our day in the mountains. This included red wine and the jacuzzi but not much else. IMG_9841 IMG_7288