Chorizo Cheeseburger

I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with this photograph! It does justice for the outrageous oozing flavor of this burger. Holy sausage patty! Can you believe I cook like this for a nine year old? He eats like a freaking king. His royal refrigerator supplied few but awesome ingredients, and this is what happened. I stole a bite, but making him wait while I took pictures was way more offensive.  

Kt's Quinn Burger
1 sausage (any kind, chorizo used here), casing removed {Whole Foods}
1/4 cup shredded aged white sharp cheddar cheese
2 slices worth of vidalia onion
Delicatessen mustard 
Fancy sauce (ketchup+mayo)
1 Rudi's Whole Wheat Bun
Parchment Paper

After you decase the sausage smash it with your hands and then place the patty in between two pieces of parchment paper. Add cheese to the center and fold in. Make sure the patty looks well closed. 
Slice onions and saute with a little butter for five minutes, brown them, add a little water, splash of vinegar, and a good drizzle of honey. Toast the buns on the pan (with a little butter if you'd like). Spread one side with deli mustard, the other with fancy sauce. Top with onions. Enjoy


  1. Hi Katie,

    Love your burger! Did you really manage to take such great pictures while feeding a meal to a kid? I am in awe. I saw that you live in Boulder. We are thinking of going there for vacation with our 2 kids (2 and 5 years old). Any recommendations for can't miss restaurants and kid activities?


    1. Thank you! Yes I did and I'm STILL hearing about it!
      I'm so glad to hear it! Boulder is just so wonderful. I can definitely recommend some can't miss restaurants, I'd say: Brasserie Ten-Ten (French bistro), Zoe Mama (Vietnamese noodles), Beehive/ Bramble & Hare (farm-to-table), Bitter Bar (Happy hour & craft cocktails), Mountain Sun (American/ Brewery), Snooze & Lucilles (Breakfast), Hapa (Sushi).
      I've listed some of my favorite places but I can assure you that no matter where you go in Boulder you'll eat well.
      As for activities go, Sunflower Farm (http://www.sunflowerfarminfo.com/) about 15 min from Boulder is great outdoor fun for kids - feeding, petting, pony rides, treehouses, and more. Pearl St. is the outdoor mall in downtown Boulder and that's where you'll find these restaurants and great shops. You must go to Peppercorn (Cookbook heaven and everything you'd ever dream of having in your kitchen), Bayleaf is wonderful too, and kids LOVE the kite store Into The Wind.
      If you need anything else please feel free to contact me: