Year of the Snake

Happy New Year.
2012 was an incredible year! A year of travel, joy, food, and accomplishments. As of one month ago, after 700 hours of dedication and highly procrastinated hard work, I'm officially a certified holistic nutrition consultant. What a remarkable emotional roller coaster this whole graduation process has been. I have about 3 million career ideas now. Everyone keeps asking what I'll do next. I'm tired of saying I don't know. At the moment, the 'problem' is, I just don't know where to start. I'm sure above-average ambition never killed anyone but it sure feels like it might be the death of me; explosion of the brain being the prognosis. I'm trying pretty hard to just breathe and think and feel deeply about what I love the most in this life, so far, and decide on it. All I want to do is give my whole heart.
Something has come up to relieve a bit of that pressure, without question a dream, yet so new and fragile that it must not be mentioned. *squirm*

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite moments of 2012 via my Instagram @katiejuneb

Snowmobiling became the most exhilarating and breathtaking activity I've ever done
I ate Ethiopian food and loved it
My yoga practice developed like no other
Live music and performances galore
I road tripped with my sister from Boulder to Miami- stopping in Dallas, Ft. Walton, and Mnt. Dora.
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Lauren leaving meant moving in with Devon, which has in-turn become a friendship and a blessing.
I went to three weddings- Miami for my cousin Jeannie & Marco, Seattle for my mom & Jim, and Maine for my great friends Nataly & Hector. All ceremonies and festivities were unforgettably beautiful in every thinkable way.
Taking advantage of being in the Pacific Northwest in August for the wedding, I took the Amtrak to Portland and explored for 3 days, and fell in love.

I was able to purchase a flight to London in September and meet my mom and Jim, her husband, for a week of fine dining and sightseeing.
October, I celebrated my birthday in Vail with Devon, Elisa, and Vueve Clicquot.
photo(34)photo(36)photo(35) photo(37)photo(38)photo(39)
A weekend mid-November was spent in southern Colorado with 10 friends, whom I fed (very well). I also shot a gun for the first time. 
Miami for Turkey Day
On Dec. 8th, I graduated. A few hours after graduation I was on my way to Hawaii for a week of exploration, redecoration, relaxation, and downright fun. The first half was spent with mom revamping the newly purchased condo in Kauai. The second half I spent by myself enjoying every second that went by. I cannot put into words how painful it was to leave the place that made me feel the happiest I'd ever been.
Christmas in Seattle. My first Navidad without Lauren.
New Years party solo catering success in Boulder, starting the new year off right.
photo(43)photo(41)photo(42) photo(40)photo(45)photo(44)

So there you have it, a decent recap of this past year of mine. These first two weeks of January have already been mind-boggling and the year of the Snake feels like time to shine through proactive ambition, ^.^
Stay posted for all the 2013 adventures to come
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