Throw a Wreath on It

I have this new fixation for wreaths, I think they're gorgeous and work wonders at the entrance of any place. Take an ordinary door and throw a wreath on it. For 7 bucks too. IMG_9689IMG_9690 IMG_9706IMG_9698IMG_9695

It's simple, maybe not even worth the exposure, but this project is endless. I rearranged these flowers at least 15 times and here are just some ideas. I kept the middle design. Wrapping a neutral ribbon around the wood looked very pretty as well. A variety of flowers and colors would be gorgeous, these are the left-over fakes from my Lana Del Rey Halloween costume crown. Recycled crafting at its finest. They were about $3 total at the local dollar store and the 18" wood wreath frame was $4 at Micheal's.