Savor your waffle days

Good afternoon! I love that. Waking up and being able to say that will never go under appreciated. I woke up at 9 am today and almost allowed it, realizing it was completely unnecessary, I closed my curtains and snoozed for another 3 and a half hours. There will be a huge portion of my life where this luxury is stolen from me by nagging, energetic children and I plan to enjoy every peaceful Sunday morning till then. I wrapped my apron around my minimal pajamas and started making some chai and gluten-free waffle batter. Then I decided to go savory- sauteed kale with garlic, added rosemary to the waffles, fried the eggs, whipped together a hollandaise, and sprinkled some cayenne on top. Voila. Sundays are so delicious.
ABSOLUTELY delicious!
I used Pamela's Gluten-free Baking & Pancake mix for this recipe. I think this mix is great, as are most of Pamela's products, makes a great banana bread and zucchini loaf also. 

Have a wonderful day!