Island of Discovery

I'm learning every single day. What I like, what I don't like, what I love, who I am, where I want to live, how I want to live, and so on. As I just said, these things change daily, but nothing has changed how I feel about everything the way that Kauai has. I am absolutely head-over-slippers in love with this lush Hawaiian island.
The trip was my graduation present and an opportunity to help my mom redecorate the new condo. I took two weeks off and split the vacation between Seattle and Kauai. I soon realized dividing seasons between these two places might in fact be my dream.
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My mom and I fulfilled our duties and then she returned to Seattle. I did not. I willfully stayed for four extra days and almost failed to return at all. I spent my days hiking and swimming, watching the sunsets, eating fresh Ahi tuna, and more than anything- going with the flow. The farmers market set me in a trance, I gawked at each booth and wondered what kind of goods I could sell at my future stand. The beaches took my breath away every time but the sunsets took everything away. Floating in the clear water, gripping sand in my hands and allowing the crystalline bits to slip through my fingers, I thought about all the sand in the ocean and the colors of the sky. If the world had ended on December 21st, I would've been floating in that water and that would have been fine.

I went to the Hannapepe Art Walk on Friday night where local artists and food vendors filled my heart and stomach with handmade aloha. A lit-up two story garage caught my eye so I pranced over with my slice of lilikoi pie and discovered this dream of a shop, machinemachine, where everything was handmade and funky.  I introduced myself to the super cool owner, a young native girl, and after a little talking we made plans to go out the following night. We danced all night, I made friends, my hair was huge, it was fun.
If I didn't have a job, an apartment, and a car I would've stayed.
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Wiamea Canyon, one of the most gorgeous sites I've ever seen. Driving 30 minutes straight up-hill to the viewpoint to only see pure fog and know what lies behind it was extremely frustrating. Fortunately I waited, the sun came through and the clouds shifted and I stood in awe.
And yes, these pictures are taken with my phone. I forgot my camera and I DON'T want to talk about it.