IMG_9507 Sunday Sept 23: I call my mom to tell her how I've been sitting at the computer torturing myself with the idea of tagging along on her trip to London. Her husband was traveling for business and she conveniently joins him when he does, as did I this time. Went for it, booked my international trip 14 hours before take-off, and what a badass treat it was. I'm not sure when I'll be able to hit London that hard again. I was oh, so gratefully treated to five-star food for 6 days. It was inevitably quick... I fell in love with London, this city with the best of all worlds. Walking down tiny cobble-stone streets busy with restaurants, captivating vintage stores, street vendors, street style, and millenniums of history really did it for me. I've never been so excited to turn the block or cross the street. When I did I found a fabric store the size of a large closet, stocked with embellishments and notions from floor to ceiling. The next street consolidated the best vintage everything into a couple funky shops. Then Chinatown for hot street food and boba tea. I could have spent way, way more than 6 days there. 

IMG_9379 IMG_9447IMG_9380 IMG_9382
Almighty Fish n' Chips  IMG_9468                                 IMG_9472 IMG_9442 IMG_9456Tate Modern                                   IMG_9505 IMG_9481 IMG_9480 Champagne tour on The London Eye gave perfect views of the entire city IMG_9511 IMG_9538
    Ate my Eggs Florentine next to Margherita Missoni, it was tasty and she was fabulous.