September Issue

What a weekend. My friend Stephanie came from Miami to visit me and wonderful Boulder. She planned the trip hoping to gain insight while she prepares to graduate this December and hopes to move somewhere new. I couldn't be more thrilled to have such a spunky, fun-loving visitor and friend to show around town. We had a great time and I fully took advantage of eating out in Boulder which is something seldom done on my part. Splurge weekend. But tonight my roommate Devon and her boyfriend agreed we should make a meal at home and have another friend join, Molly! The two lovebirds took a tour at the Coors brewery then went to the grocery store while I wrote consultation reports and made dessert. Working with what I had on hand, a blueberry peach herb crust galette was born. The crust is made with olive oil and rosemary and the filling with peaches, blueberries, lemon zest, cinnamon, ginger, and more. These were two different recipes that I individually tweaked and and combined. The result, topped with a generous scoop of Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean, is a sweet and savory slice of perfection.
Just like good company.

peachblueberry peachblueberry1
 These came from my friend Megan's bountiful peach tree
  peachblueberry3 peachblueberry4 peachblueberry5
Get messy
That's the opposite of my objective for this September. This month I need to grab life by the horns and take charge of all my procrastination and unmade decisions. I intend to show up for all the things I've signed up for and not beat myself up (too hard) for what I've delayed. It's difficult to put yourself in a sticky situation and crawl out unsmudged, and I don't believe that's the point. The residue coaches us for the next time we're about to tell our intuition to shut the hell up. So trust in you, but don't forget that when you do fall short it's how you brush yourself off that defines that sparkling character.
The pressure, and therefore stress, in my life will be cut in half once I understand this entirely.
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