Last minute life changes

This past weekend my mom decided to get remarried, calling for an impromptu trip to Seattle. Making the annual summer trip had been continuously postponed but this called for zero debate. I wouldn't miss it for the world! My mom had already planned a big 50th birthday party for my now step dad so they figured why not? Let's get hitched (It's really not all that sudden, they've been engaged for 4 years).
UntitledThere was an authentic taco truck, catered appetizers and salads, cupcakes, and my favorite of the night: mom's rum cake. The party was wonderful and the surprise ceremony blew all of the guests away, it was beautiful. The next day was filled with quality family time getting to know my new quirky aunts and uncles. Seattle celebration to Portland exploration! Monday came and I jumped on the Amtrak to Portlandia, a placed I dreamed of visiting for years. My expectations were high and they were met, somewhat surpassed actually. The city's industrial meets modern architecture had me twisting and turning my head sightseeing every inch. The four subdivisions of the city had different vibes, individually attractive and edgy, with endless incredible food and funky shops. Yes, heaven on earth. I did a lot of walking, eating, and vintage shopping. When it's time for me to pop the Boulder bubble, it's pretty clear that Ptown is the place for me.
To the left are my wonderful finds from Portland. Emilio Pucci skirt (which I just sold on eBay), Malandrino top, vintage bags and jewelry, and Nike kicks. Happy with my finds.

 I was in charge of flower arrangements, not bad for the first time florist

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