cookie board

Battered and aged cookie sheet turned bright magnetic bulletin board
Click the link below for a step-by-step
boarddirect1 IMG_8330
I didn't have any ribbon in the craft bin! ^o^ But, I took a headband that my dog, Grits, had unraveled and I just stripped it off the plastic frame. Make sure you measure evenly so that the ribbon is straight along the back (if not, it could be difficult to hang the board on the wall), then GLUE! I'm sure there are many ways you could finish the back side of this board if you don't like the unfinished edges showing (you could just flip those in .25" and glue too). I'm really pleased with the way this board turned out. Just a cheap and fun way to re-purpose items we've loved and used to death... but no one would ever know that!

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