Remodeled & Redefined

I'll face it, the very thing that inspires and motivates me the most is change. It's that inevitable push towards the realization that there is no plan, and truly no need for one! Interests, people, money, style; these things come and go, but the lessons certainly do resonate with you as you evolve. Sometimes I feel scatter-brained and infinitely dissatisfied. Sometimes I feel accomplished and figured-out. This is the cycle that kicks my butt into awareness- shining the light on what captivates me the most and what I somehow hadn't seen before.
So, a switch has been flipped. Being that I was crafty way before I became a foodie, it only seems right that my inner do-it-yourself would turn on. Well now you can tune in and not only see what's going on in my kitchen, but also what happens behind that Brother sewing machine... and beyond. I hope you like the concept and enjoy the new addition of craft projects, thrifty finds, ideas, tips, and whatever else I feel like sharing.
These are the Makings of A Junebug.