Spring Inspired

IMG_6242 It's this time of the year, and the feelings that arise because of it, that keep me in a climate that changes quad annually. Sorry Miami, I love you and all but life is so juicy when you can watch the white turn to green and then burst into colors you longed to see for months. There's no doubt in the abundance of my favorite fruits in Miami, mangoes and avocados just to name two, but I can't say I often took advantage of their sweet supply. I did venture down to Robert is Here and The Knausberry Farm a couple times to be completely blown away and to leave seriously giddy. Otherwise, it was a drive to Publix. For those of you who feel me on this... the two places I previously mentioned are the norm here in Boulder. We're talking farm stands galore, farmers markets, meat from the farm a couple blocks away, local cheese and salami, community gardens, and more, more, more! It's extremely easy to eat well, organic, and locally in this lovely town. In this joint effort not only do families act consciously while shopping, but restaurants are also serving up what comes from the neighborhood. I'm not bashing on my hometown nor is the farm-to-table concept a new practice, I'm just saying I absolutely love how everyone here embraces it. 

I have now experienced the four seasons here in Boulder. This Spring and Summer my food will come from the surrounding area and mostly from my garden. It's time to get my hands dirty.

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