Snow, Pancakes, and Booze

e2 Woke up this morning to a phone call confirming class cancellation due to massive amounts of snow here in Boulder. SCORE! Soon after my phone rang and Arielle screamed, "Snow day! I'm off work! Let's make some bloodies and mimosas." SOLD. Then Lyd called and we encouraged her to plow on over for pancakes and beverages. Soon enough apartment A1 became a snow day celebratory brunch.
What are the chances that on the day of my first case presentation Mother Nature decides to take a dump on Boulder? I guess every kid in town slept with their pj's inside out and put spoons under their pillows. Team effort, oh yeah!
ee3 Whipped up some mixed berry sauce and multigrain banana pancakese4e5e6e7e8e9e10e11 
And then we played in the snow! e12e13
IMG_7717                                 download
Now it's time to pack and head on up to Vail for the weekend!