hearts, and stars, and rainbows

If you're interested in an update regarding what's been going on outside the kitchen, listen up! My case presentation carried out beautifully and the midterm was a piece of cake-- some serious weight off my shoulders. I began teaching sewing lessons at Fabricate last week, both lessons being a set of classes 3 hours long, one on constructing a basic skirt and the other a tote bag. Another pretty huge deal: I tried a hot yoga (bikram) class... And liked it, a lot. I'm a vinyasa flow kinda gal but my wrist has been killing me and I figured it was time to give the hot a shot. How detoxifying. I showed up on my mat for my favorite teacher's vinyasa the next day but then found myself in that 103 degree room the following afternoon. I'm considering the benefits of combining styles... balancing the two is ideal. We shall see.
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Thursday afternoon Lauren and I drove up to Beaver Creek to vacation with our family visiting from Orlando and Tallahassee, Florida. What a wonderful time we had, sharing stories and laughs by the fire with our drinks in hand and bellies full. And so I've come to realize, The Burton family shares a dominating gene for partying. Passing from one generation to the next providing high tolerance, excellent motor control and reflexes, impressive street smarts, and the unending desire to celebrate. Although I believe I was blessed with a mutated and freakishly large version of this gene, after this weekend it's no mystery as to where it came from.
It's the Burke side that taught me how.
As if a long day of skiing and hitting the bars in Vail wasn't enough mountain excitement, my aunt Dot and uncle C-dad took us snowmobiling Saturday morning! How do I even attempt to explain the amount of fun I had or the amount of beauty that surrounded me? I don't think 15 seconds of the two hour rental was spent with anything but an ear-to-ear smile on my face.
Colorado continues to take my breath away
It's not like I WASN'T cooking:
mini carrot cakes s1 peach mango protein smoothie s2 boilin' beans
 These suckers soaked overnight and were cooked with a piece of kombu, a type of seaweed, which helps make them more digestibles3 forbidden rice

Sausage and Four Cheese Lasagnat8 


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  u Valentine's Day cookies for the ones I love