Parties & Resolutions

First things first- This year I will be consistent in my blogging efforts, providing you with inventive recipes, mouth-watering pictures, and insightful writeup.
Virtual high-five! And this is how I started off the brand new year:
I was asked to cater a New Years party for a family I delivered meals to this past Fall. 30 people, how exciting! Amy gave me some ideas she'd like to serve and I sent her an email with an extensive list to chose from. In Miami at the time, I worked away to prepare whatever I could until I returned to Boulder. Arriving on the 29th left me with the perfect window to complete everything in a timely manor and most importantly, with ease. I must say, I'm very proud of my creations.

New Years Menu
Bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates
& sweet spiced almonds

Moroccan lamb meatballs with dill sauce
Marinated flank steak and roasted red pepper
roll ups with fresh chimichurri

Fig-and-prosciutto flatbread with gorgonzola,
fresh rosemary, and garlic

Herb roasted cherry tomatoes

a a1 a3 a2 
Please excuse the foil! a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 a9 a10 a11 
(this is where the bacon-wrapped dates were plated) 
Non-food related: I took this picture of the sky yesterday from my apartment and I just wanted to share its beauty with you all. Pretty incredible.

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