Another party, another success.
Theme: Mexican
 Mission: Inexpensive, delicious, casual

Carne asada marinated in mojo
Garlic-lime Mahi Mahi
Fiesta salad: Romaine and black beans, corn, jicama,
radishes, red pepper, tomato, avocado, and queso
fresco & honey-lime vinaigrette
cumin black beans
zesty lime sour cream
shredded cabbage

Seriously a showcase of some of my favorite flavors. Who can deny the powerful punch of fresh lime or the slight aftertaste of that sinful jalapeno? Yet I believe it's the star of the show, cilantro, dancing through each dish twirling it's sharp, fresh flavor into what becomes the party in your mouth. The combination of these plentiful ingredients are guaranteed to impress, unless you're dealing with one of those"cilantro-haters" who claim the herb tastes just like soap. Apparently it's genetic, sounds more like a sick joke.

^I believe this picture embodies everything I just said^ b1 sorry about the lighting b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 DISCLAIMER: I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH DESSERT b7
As Aimee said, "There is not a child on God's green earth that loves ice cream cake more than Will Day." That being said, I don't mind as much that I didn't bake the most out-of-this-world four layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for him. It's his day and I'm all for him enjoying it to the fullest.
I mean look at that face, can you say joy?

Happy Birthday Will!