Abby Day's BIG Day

Abby Day
My little sidekick/princess/partner-in-crime/sous chef
All I wanted to do was make her special day extra special. I mean, I don't remember turning five but maybe she has some super sonic memory powers and she'll never be able to forget her butterfly painted friends, dream cupcakes, and hello kitty pajamas, I hope so. It was planned a little last minute but Aimee and I managed to pull together a great party for Abs. All her friends showed up, we did face paint and tattoos, got ice cream from a gourmet ice cream truck, played in the park, and ate delicious ;-D cupcakes.


I was also on face paint duty for Abby's birthday party, a job I confidently accepted. Abby lets me practice painting her face all the time and Aimee (her mom) knew she could count on me after seeing Abby constantly walking through the door with decorated from ear to ear. Snazaroo paint of course, only the best for the princess. I love her. A couple days before Abby's birthday I sat down with her to discuss cupcakes. I plopped her in my lap and typed foodgawker in the address bar, her face quickly lit up as her eyes registered the search results for: cupcakes. wow! She definitely liked all the options but it was the scream when she saw the pink lemonade cupcakes that really did it for me. I started laughing so hard and she exclaimed over and over that those were the ones. Done deal. Then I said, "Abby, I would like you to pick out your other favorites because I'm going to make two kinds of cupcakes for you." She melted when she saw those blue cupcakes with the little red hearts. Two days later she had to make sure I was still making the cupcakes with the hearts and I guaranteed her I had it all under control. Thank goodness I had that marzipan in the pantry.



Abby and I got our ideas from these two blogs:

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