It's been a WILD couple weeks! Guests galore, moving into a new apartment, eating out, working quite hard, deepening into my yoga practice, and adopting the cutest beagle puppy in the whole world. I'm trying not to overwhelm myself with guilt for abandoning this pleasure of mine. You must forgive me because I honestly swear I'm back in the game, more inspired and hungrier than ever.
For starters, Today I was accepted into the Bauman College Nutrion Consultant training program- a 15 month holistic program providing an understanding of whole food nutrition, prevention of illness, and the promotion of optimal health. I can't wait to give this my whole heart and learn in depth about something I'm so extremely passionate about.
Surprise- Lauren and I adopted a puppy. A beagle pup with the longest, softest ears in all existence. He has become the light of my life and every time I look at him I can't help but giggle up a storm.

Also- I'm currently doing a Raw food detox diet. I've been using the Raw Food Detox Diet book as my main reference. Today is day four, stick truckin'. The first three days were rough but now I feel confident that I will complete the seven day detox. Especially since all the recipes from the book are rawmazing... and I get dessert. I feel great!!

Pretty much: 12pm: Green Lemonade*
                      1-5pm: snack on fruit as desired
                      6pm: pre-dinner nosh on some carrots/tomatoes
                      7pm: raw meal
                               raw dessert
*green lemonade: 1 head romaine, 5 to 6 stalks kale, 1 to 2 apples, chunk ginger, 1 lemon - JUICED 

Scraping out the meat of the coconut and then slicing it into long slivers made for excellent noodles 
The sauce was made with the milk from the coconut, garlic, ginger, tamari, and  sesame oil

A couple recap meals:
(before the detox)

Chard, corn, red pepper sauteed with spices and topped with two fried eggs

Grilled goodies: Eggplant, portobella mushrooms, red peppers. Fresh basil, mozzarella, and side salad
Haha. This is kinda my moment of truth. I LOVE cabbage and fried eggs. It was a combo I made on a lazy night in NYC and I continue to chef it up on those (not-so frequent) quickie afternoons. To be honest I just wanted to show off this absolutely perfect egg. Melty yolk deliciousness.

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