remolachas frescas

This Saturday at the Boulder Farmer's Market I scored some beets and rainbow chard. How excited I was to get creative and cooking! I've been doing a lot of grab-n-go: yogurt, pb&j, salads, ect. Nothing to blog about. I knew I would find something great in my Clean Start cookbook to do with these little red beets. Warm beet salad with red onions, pistachios, and mint. I added sauteed rainbow chard to the warm salad and placed it on top of a feta pupusa/arepa thing. I liked the idea of having some corn flavor with the beets and leafy greens. Using a cheese like feta in a South American dough recipe is a no-no, but not only is it the only cheese I had on hand, it was a rule I was eagerly willing to break! I think it was absolutely delicious. The beet salad was awesome, I will make this over and over again without a doubt. Arepa-pupusa's are crazy-good and I have a stack in the freezer, yes!

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of thick, hand-made corn tortilla (made using masa de maíz, a maize flour dough used in Latin American cuisine) that is usually filled with a blend of the following: cheese, pork, refried beans, or queso con loroco.


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