grass-fed sliders

The origin of the term 'slider' referring to the famous mini-burger has yet to be determined, but many believe it has something to do with the way it quickly and easier enters your body and similarly leaves. The slider is associated with the restaurant fast-food chain White Castle and all of this information makes me dislike the American classic. Hate it or love it, these little cuties work for my not-so-vegetarian-anymore diet and when I saw the local meat at the farmers market, mini-burgers came to mind. The ground beef came from grass-fed cows on farm on Jay rd. which is just 5 minutes away, it was $5 a pound and I couldn't refuse.
I let the beef thaw out and I proofed some yeast, started the dough, and made mini hamburger buns. Multi-grain without question. I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, fresh chopped parsley, an egg, breadcrumbs- all by eye. Sliced the sweet potato and coated them with a drizzle of olive oil and salt. What's better than burgers and sweet potato fries? Might be one of my favorite sides in all culinary existence not just because of simplicity but sheer tastiness... plus healthy benefits- I bliss-out when I eat those beta carotene cuts. 
Awesome dinner. Had half a slider. Ryan goes, "I didn't even know that was possible." As fantastic as it was, there is something about consuming a patty of meat that's just too much for me to handle thus far. Baby steps. Slowly sliding into the carnivore playing field.  


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