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Didn't take long for Aimee to ask me if I'd like to add on a cooking position at their house, what like 12 hours? Yes please. I was at their house again today and instead of babysitting I was cooking them dinner. How things are falling into place is a beautiful thing that I'll graciously accept. Cooking for two is generally the norm for me, cooking for a more is fun, cooking for kids is difficult. Probably better this way because I want the challenge to make the food I usually wouldn't. It'll be fun for you too because my posts wont be limited to my needs. When I got the text from Aimee this morning, I automatically responded: chicken pot pie? It's the first thing I thought of because it was my absolute favorite meal when I was a kid.
 I hung out with Lauren and Westy poo for a little and we walked to Sunflower (our grocery store), got lots of goodies. Then I took my little friend Kalea to Mod Market where she ordered a kids gluten-free cheese pizza. She made me hold her up to see over the counter while they made it too. Mini-foodie? She's a blast.


Steamed an artichoke in broth, white wine, herbs, lemon, and garlic for Kalea's mom & dad

Brainstorming- watch out.

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  1. 1) GOOD CALL with the pot pie....i had a brief period of when i saw that pie
    2) Kalea has nice taste in watches
    3) That pizza looks awesome
    4) make those ravioli!
    i like this last picture. shows something about you that your food cannot. good luck springthing