we ate the easter eggs

Happy Easter! Today Lauren and I went to Brasserie Ten Ten for brunch with two friends in Easter attire. Actually it was more of a breakfast being that it was 10 am. So what, we started drinking delicious mimosas a little early. Tom introduced us to the special Brasserie espresso shot and it was a hit. The food was as incredible as always. See for yourselves.

EGGS BENEDICT                    poached eggs, canadian bacon, caramelized onions, english muffin & hollandaise

TEN TEN SCRAMBLE                    scrambled eggs folded with smoked salmon, cream cheese & fines herbes

EGGS FLORENTINE                   poached eggs, seared greens, sundried tomato provencal, english muffin & hollandaise
                 Mimosa & Blue-Eyed Blonde @ West End Tavern         
                                     (ketel one vodka, limoncello, blueberries, rose water,
                                      fresh squeezed lemon, topped with soda water)

I've been posting a lot of drinks on my food blog... And all these restaurants, this is unusual. Things will go back to normal here pretty soon. I'm missing that kitchen terribly. I did make banana chocolate chip bread tonight but that was at a friends house, no camera.