Fake Birthday

Crispy calamari strips served with lightly smoked chipotle aioli and cocktail sauce

There are not many things I hate more than the thought of not seeing my family for a long time. It shouldn't be that rare for the four of us to spend time together, but it is, and we most definitely make the best of it. I'd say part of the reason I moved was to be closer to my mom and sisters. So what could be better than the four girls in Hawaii? Well today has been entirely dedicated to the celebration of my moms birthday, I guess you could call it a fake birthday. She received a hot stone massage and facial this morning and while she was being pampered Lauren and I picked up some goodies: champagne, coconut cream pie, and balloons.
After her massage we lounged on the beach, walked along the smooth, hot sand, and swam in the ocean. At around 5pm we went to happy hour at the Five Palms Restaurant at the Mana Kai Resort. The sushi was delicious and the drinks were even better, fresh mango and strawberry margaritas. The calamari strips were great, different, creative, lightly fried, wonderful flavor. mmm. We watched the sunset on the beach and then rushed over to the Marriot in Wailea to see an authentic luau. We kinda crashed the luau. Well, guests at the Marriot payed the big bucks to see the show but when mommy walked the beach today one of the employees let her in on the scoop. We came prepared with a couple beers and walked right in, I even snatched a gorgeous lei made of purple orchids (see below!) The performances were amazing. Hips were rolling and shirtless Hawaiian men were tossing fire, as sweet tropical music played along with the sounds of the ocean. 
Then we had pie.

Spider Roll

Lychee-tini and lychee mojito, Lauren's award winning Mai Tai in the back.