Alfalfa Sprouts!

The new grocery store, Alfalfa's, opened in Boulder today and I had to scope it out immediately. It's a beautiful, big store with ridiculous organic varieties of anything you could dream of. There is a wall with large silver tins filled with balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, oils, tamaris, honeys, agave syrups, ect. They have every organic, free-range, grass-fed, gluten-free, all natural product on the market packed neatly in their aisles. There's also a juice bar, a bakery, sushi bar, and bistro area serving yummy hot food. It would be comparable to a Whole Foods Market in a lot of ways, but I was hoping it would be a little less pricey. I'm going to keep my eye on their sales, and I'll keep bouncing around from store to store where I know I get the best deals.
I was walking out of the store already quite pleased when the smiley woman handed me a red tote and thanked me for coming today. My first reaction, wow this thing is heavy. Oh my... is this a gift bag??? I made it pretty clear to her that she just made my day. Right when Lauren finished paying for her yogurt I waved her down and pointed to my bag so she'd hurry over and get hers. haha, she was just as thrilled. Thanks Alfalfa's.

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  1. im in love with the grocery store.