This tastes really good

Alright, its time to come back. These past 8 months since I last posted have been quite eventful. I received my degree from FIT and quickly packed my bags for the next adventure. I love New York City, don't get me wrong, and I'm so fortunate to have conquered that life experience... but that city is not for me. That's how we figure out our passions and how we want to pursue them, right? It led me to an internship and three months in Seattle with designer Lizzie Parker, a cross country drive from Seattle to Miami, a 6-week Colombian adventure with Ryan, and finally Boulder. I'm so excited to be here in this town full of foodies, eco-friendly activists, outdoor enthusiasts, and fun-loving welcoming people.
Oh, and even though I've been skipping out on posting... I haven't missed a meal or a picture :) They're coming.

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