Tomato Soup

What's better than a grilled cheese with tomato soup!? I remember this being one of my favorite combinations growing up.
I came home from class the other day and felt an urge to make some tomato soup. I knew I had a can of organic tomatoes, all I needed to find was a recipe that required a short list of ingredients... The budget has been a little tight lately. I flipped open my handy dandy Gourmet cookbook and found the simplest recipes!

It was just what I wanted! It was so simple and tasty. I added a little more oregano and some dried basil, oh and also crushed red pepper flakes (I like things spicy). Next time when I have more ingredients and time, I want to add red bell peppers, brown rice (the way mom does), and use fresh basil.
I wish I had a picture of my whole wheat grilled cheese dipped in this awesome soup! Maybe I'll do it again and repost a picture with all my leftover soup!

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