Whole Wheat Banana Bread

I lost my credit card and had to wait for a new one to come in the mail. I simultaneously got my first paycheck but couldn't touch it. Well I could have but I really resisted going to the bank and withdrawing cash, I just wanted to wait and use my card. It makes sense to me but is that strange? oh well. Yesterday it came, I was elated to see that wachovia envelope sitting on the dinner table. I planned on heading over ot TJ Maxx after class with the hopes of finding something new for KT’s Kitchen. Success! I found a metal expandable steamer basket, a lovely orange ceramic loaf pan, and a black sports bra. Figured I would first spend some of my paycheck in a rewarding manner and get practical items for things I love the most. When I came home to find an overripe banana lying limp in my basket, only one thing came to mind… Banana Bread.
Confession #2: Banana’s have just recently passed the “growing on me” stage. My mom says its because she fed me too many at a young age and my body just doesn’t want anymore. Whatever the reason, I’m getting use to this overpowering flavor and I am without a doubt picky about pairing with this fruit. For the strangest reason, I have always loved my mom’s banana bread and it was the only thing banana I remember liking until now…

I had so much fun making this! Searching for a delicious, healthy recipe was easy thats to the high demand of this tasty loaf. I combined some recipes, played around, and am quite pleased with the results. Whole wheat flour, just a little more than half a cup of sugar, and 6 tbsp of Earth Balance instead of butter!!!

I wrapped some up for my two draping classmates and then wrapped up half for Hayley with a ribbon on top. She got equal amounts of walnut chocolate chip and just walnut.

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